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dorm sweet dorm

I can finally call my new sweet home, Alabama!  I am definitely still getting used to being away from my parents.  Caroline and I still have some additions to make to our dorm, but I wanted to post a some pictures of some of my favorite things!  I will definitely post some more on Instagram in the future.  We are excited and lucky to have a two person suite on the top floor with a beautiful view of Presidential Village.

This is our living area!  I am obsessed with this triptych photo of Bryant- Denny from Dillard's.  Our lovely painted metallic,  luminous dot pillows, & moroccan throw from Anthropologie light up the room!  Since the dorm is furnished we have to kind of work with the furniture that we have.

These flowers are from Home Goods.  I also added a few light pink roses to fill the space since the Kate Spade vase is rather large.  

Vase reads: "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck, with freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?"

 One of my great friends painted this canvas to match my bedding!

Living in Tuscaloosa I definitely see my fair share of elephants, houndstooth, and crimson.  I knew if I had an "Alabama" themed room I would get tired of it, so I incorporated the mascot!  Who doesn't love elephants?  My comforter and sheets are from Garnet Hill.  My pillow in the center is the Live Happy pillow from Moon & Lola!  It says "Drink coffee, Read vogue, Wear pink, Live happy."  I'm pretty sure that pillow was made for me.  All of the navy and white pillows are from Home Goods.  My Pottery Barn curtains are great because they have a blackout panel behind the ruffles that block out the sunlight!  That makes sleeping in or napping much easier. Have a lovely Thursday!


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