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2021 Trends

With the weather getting cooler, I am very excited to share some of my favorite Fall/Winter fashion trends for 2021!

Shackets (aka Shirt Jacket)

This trend emerged last year! I bought a plaid shacket and wore it so much that I already bought two more this year. I love this trend because you can wear it with a t-shirt and leave it unbuttoned or wear it buttoned up with a turtleneck when it gets cooler.


Blazers are also very popular this year! My favorite combo is a blazer paired with a turtle neck, but they can be paired a basic or graphic tee for a more causal look.

Midi Skirts

I tend to always wear jeans with sweaters, which is why I really like this trend. I think it is a fun way to add to an outfit!


The past few months I have seen girls wearing leather shorts, skirts, and sleeveless tops. This trend will transition into fall/winter where we will see leather pants, long sleeve shirts, and dresses.

Mini Skirts

Overall, mini skirts are nothing new, however the looser fitting skirts have been more recently adapted by many people. I think we will continue to see the looser fitting skirts throughout the rest of the season along with the fitted ones as well.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were originally designed for pilots, but eventually became a part of popular culture. I would consider these jackets to have sporty look. They are the perfect option for a casual or edgy look. Being petite, I really like the way this jacket silhouette fits me.

Sherpa Jackets

Sherpa has a soft and fluffy feel. The difference between sherpa and fleece is that sherpa is designed to look like sheepskin. These jackets have a cozy winter feel!

Sweater Dress with Knee High Boots

Knee high boot have been a trend for a few years now. You typically see them paired with skirts or pants. I think this year we will continue to see these boots paired with cozy sweater dresses.

Pantone Fall/Winter Core Colors

Pantone Fall/Winter Colors


Popular prints this fall winter will include:

  • Plaid

  • Houdstooth

  • Gingham

  • Checkerboard

  • Logo print


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