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style matters

I've spent all summer trying to get my hair healthy again. I have focused on applying minimal heat and blowdrying my hair significantly less. In all honesty, I have never been someone who uses hair products other than the basics. However I have recently been introduced to Goldwell and KMS hair products. 

Kerasilk is Goldwell's new luxury hair care line that offers four different shampoos and hair masks: control, repower, reconstruct, and color. My hair was washed with Reconstruct, which repairs stressed or damaged hair.

My hair is very thin and fine. It is naturally a combination of straight and wavy. 

Before drying my hair Allison applied Moist Repair creme to my ends and styling foam mousse to add volume. She used Therma Shape Quick Blow Dry which allowed my hair to dry quicker. 

Before and while curling my hair Allison used Therma Shape 2-in-1 spray which is a lighter hairspray to help hold the curls. Finally, she used the Hair Stay to keep the curls from falling!

Hair blowdried and styled by Allison at Rodney Mitchell Salon

With these KMS products I no longer have to hate my hair. Styling my hair has never been easier! 


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