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Updated: Aug 26, 2023

DeAnn Hebert | Franklin, TN.

DeAnn's paintings tell stories of the rich history of the South. They inspire the viewer to listen to our ancestors' voices and cherish our old places and the lives they have influenced. She uses layer upon layer of palette knife texture that is reminiscent of tree bark and peeling barn paint. Some of her most populars painting are of barns, churches, butterflies, and florals. DeAnn sells paintings, pillows, duvets, and more.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Teil Duncan | Charleston, SC.

Teil grew up in Columbus, GA. She is inspired by light, movement, surprising color combinations, social interaction, and pattern, my goal is to infuse these elements and form abstracted, pixilated compositions. No matter the subject, she strives to portray a balance of realism combined with loose abstraction. She sells paintings, prints, accessories.

Teil's Book: The Color Teil

Ashley Longshore | New Orleans, LA.

Born in Alabama and based in New Orleans, mixed-media artist Ashley Longshore is known for her energetic, brash, and colorful works that are often as profound as they are playful. From her studio and storefront gallery on Magazine Street, Ashley creates paintings, textiles, handbags, and more that celebrate contemporary pop culture, feminism, fashion, and American consumerism. Ashley has become known for her partnerships with some of the biggest names in the world of fashion and luxury goods. In January 2018, she became the first female artist to receive a solo exhibit at Bergdorf Goodman, taking over the store’s celebrated Fifth Avenue windows as well as its seventh-floor gallery. Her artwork is owned by many celebrities.

Ashley's Books:

Ashley's Studio

Brooke Ring | Greenville, SC.

Brook's work is influenced by her background in Graphic Design and centers around the theme of femininity. Brooke is best known for her colorful floral arrangements. The bold brush strokes and colorful palettes combined with the simplification of form result in paintings filled with an approachable energy and movement.

Evelyn Henson | Charlotte, NC.

Evelyn started selling prints on Etsy in 2013. She has created a colorful & happy gift brand. She looks to places and things to inspire her, but most of her paintings begin when she think about others and what can paint to brighten their day. She sells a variety of gifts. Some of my favorites are her coffee mugs and cards. She is also known for The Confetti Wall Series. The Confetti Stripes and Hearts walls are located in Charlotte, NC and the Confetti Sunshine Wall is located in Columbus, GA.

I have linked a few things on my Christmas List:

Evelyn's Murals

Brittany Fuson | Nashville, TN.

Brittany graduated from The University of Alabama with a Fashion Degree. After graduating, she decided to pursue design in her own way... on paper. She put her illustration skills to work and created her first ready-to-write collection in the fall of 2009. She sells prints, custom prints, stationary, planners, cups/napkins, and more. I bought a planner last year and cups this year. I absolutely love het work!

Brynn Casey | Roswell, GA.

Brynn explored her love for the ocean landscape in all its forms as a student at the University of Georgia. Upon graduation, she took this love story with the water with her and is continuing to explore it today in its many facets, claiming that it never gets boring to her, and remains ever challenging. Today, you can find Brynn at her studio in Roswell, GA painting the day away, getting lost in the waves.


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