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Strut Your Stuff

I came across a flamingo purse I had been searching for at the Kate Spade Outlet in Foley, Alabama. The store just so happened to have 60% off and an additional 20% off... So let's just say I got a little excited! I am definitely crushing on pink flamingos. I am absolutely obsessed with the Kate Spade Blaire flamingo dress. Not only does it have pockets, it is a silk blend so it is the perfect lightweight dress for a hot summer day! 

You know what they say- "Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons."

Kate Spade: Flamingo Blaire dress, purse, wallet, tote, & stud earrings

Lilly Pulitzer: Pink top

Madewell: Scalloped edge shorts

Tory Burch: Black wedges 

Lawn flamingos: Lowes 


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